Identity & Destiny Boot Camp


Deep down, you know there’s more than the busy, workaday life you’ve been living. There’s a higher calling inside you, aching to get out.

Being the you God intended opens the floodgates for his glory to pour through. But this can’t happen if you don’t know who you truly are.

Identity & Destiny Boot Camp isn’t another spiritual strengths assessment or a look at what color your parachute is. Instead, we’ll go right to the core of human identity and personal purpose. You’ll come away with knowledge, insights and practical tools that daily empower you to walk in the destiny God made you for.

This course contains six modules:

  1. Belovedness and the Fall – Why we don’t believe we are God’s beloved, and how to start believing it
  2. Dividing Soul from Spirit – Learn this crucial distinction so you can stop over-taxing your mind and use the mind of Christ already within you to direct your purpose
  3. Introduction to Personality – Learn what’s going on behind the scenes that can hinder your purpose
  4. Personality, contd. and the Inner Critic – Find out what that nagging voice in your head is, why it’s not trustworthy and how to quiet its judgements so you can hear God better
  5. Instincts and Emotions – Understand how these two factors influence your choices so they don’t rule your life and sideline your purpose
  6. Destiny – What it is, what it isn’t, general versus specific destiny, and how you can raise your destiny “horizon”

A workbook with helpful diagrams, reflection questions and application exercises helps you engage with the material and begin putting it into practice.

Life is short. Live yours with purpose!