Enneagram Inspirational Quotes for the New Year

By hhavlick / January 1, 2022 /
Enneagram books

I can’t keep track of how many Enneagram books I’ve read – and I’m reading one now, with three more in the queue. But ‘tis the season for inspiration, right? So, I pulled 10 such books off my shelf and…

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Enneagram Type Two Overview

By hhavlick / August 26, 2021 /

What is an Enneagram Type Two like? What’s the difference between a Two wing One (2w1) and a Two wing Three (2w3)? What are Two relationships like? Read on to find out, along with an overview of what makes a…

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Enneagram Type Five

By hhavlick / August 12, 2021 /

Enneagram Type Five Overview Riso & Hudson call Fives The Observer. Dwelling in the Head Center, they have a driving need to KNOW. So they poke and prod and investigate life. They are also known as innovators and specialists, as…

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Enneagram Type Seven Overview

By hhavlick / June 23, 2021 /

What are Enneagram Type Sevens like? In this post, you’ll learn about a Seven’s childhood, wings and so much more! If you’ve seen Clementine in the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” you’ve seen an Enneagram Type Seven in…

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What Enneagram Type is Jesus?

By hhavlick / May 28, 2021 /

As the Enneagram has become wildly popular within some Christian circles, the question eventually comes up: What Enneagram type is Jesus? However, it’s a question fraught with difficulty for numerous reasons – including the proscription against typing other people. That…

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Colors of the Enneagram Types

By hhavlick / March 23, 2021 /

Color is a powerful aspect of our experience here on Earth. So is our personality type! It makes sense, then, that people would come up with a color that captures the essence of each Enneagram point. I wouldn’t have thought…

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Enneagram 9 wing 8

By hhavlick / March 9, 2021 /
Enneagram 9w8 The Referee

In an earlier post, I discussed the Nine with a One wing, so it’s time to turn our heads to the other side and examine the Nine with an Eight wing. What’s a 9w8 like on a good day? On…

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The Enneagram and Critical Thinking

By hhavlick / February 5, 2021 /
Enneagram and Critical Thinking

By now, you’ve heard about how helpful the Enneagram can be as a tool for self-discovery and as an aid for relationships. But you may have not considered how your personality type affects how you think. Specifically, how you apply…

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Enneagram Type 9 Relationships

By hhavlick / January 10, 2021 /
Enneagram Nine Relationships

We’ve looked at relationships through the lens of Types 7 and 4, and now it’s time to explore Enneagram Type 9 Relationships. A common misconception is that it’s easy to have a relationship with a Nine because they’re so mellow…

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Enneagram Type 4 Relationships

By hhavlick / November 23, 2020 /
Enneagram Four Relationships

Type Four, considered to be the rarest Enneagram type, understandably lends itself to questions surrounding intimate relationships. What are Enneagram Type 4 relationships like? How do you have a relationship with a rare, unusual person? Or when you ARE that…

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Quick Start Guide to Centering Prayer

This short guide gives you the essentials for learning to be still and quiet before God so you can hear his voice and feel his love in a deeper way.

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