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Heath Davis Havlick has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She has a degree with honors in Creative Writing and has won writing awards in journalism, poetry and screenwriting. Heath discovered the Enneagram while doing research for a screenplay, and she’s never looked back. She’s a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher and the author of Becoming Your True You: God, the Enneagram and Your Unique Purpose.

The longer version:

Heath Davis Havlick has an unusual name! She is aware of this, as well as the fact that it’s basically impossible to say aloud in a way that sounds effortless. Nonetheless, she persists in attempting to do so when speaking, teaching and meeting new people.

Heath has been writing since she could hold a pencil. It is reported that she came home from the first day of kindergarten frustrated that she was not taught to read. She overcame that disappointment by learning voraciously and reading and writing so much that by the end of the first grade, she was called upon to help tutor fellow students in reading. In short, a book nerd from the start.

As Heath grew, she found that she understood and enjoyed grammar, punctuation and plotlines more than people. Books don’t care if you wear glasses. And hand-me-downs. She frequented the public library, where she escaped bullies by visiting new worlds. Ones with dragons or space ships were her favorites.

She attempted her own fantasy novel at the age of 15. It was…not good. Other things that were not good at that time were her heart, broken by family circumstances, and her relationship with God. Heath had asked Jesus to take her sins away when she was five or six and had read her King James Bible faithfully for years, but she had mistakenly interpreted the latter as a list of rules to follow so God will love you.

But rules are cold comfort in a world that can be pretty painful, and one day Heath couldn’t take it anymore. She told God to his face that she didn’t want to know or believe in him. The weeks that followed were the most miserable of her life. Yet God chased her down, faithful Hound of Heaven that he is, and she found herself at church once again. One day, an older woman offered to disciple her. Here, Heath began to see for the first time the extravagant and matchless love of God that was there in the Bible all along.

That helped her finish high school with her sanity and her morals intact. At UC Santa Cruz, she majored in Creating Writing, with an emphasis in poetry. She had planned to become a single missionary in an as-yet-undetermined country in Africa, and then she met Tom Havlick at a Bible study. She got honors in her degree and then got her MRS degree a year later when she married Tom.

When Heath happened upon the Enneagram, she wasn’t looking for personal transformation. She was happily married, gainfully employed, busily writing and out four or five nights a week at meetings or functions. But the Enneagram hit her like a freight train, because she realized that all her many pleasant endeavors were her Seven personality’s way of hiding from pain – hers and everyone else’s.

After walking around in stunned horror for days, Heath committed herself to studying this amazingly accurate model of human behavior and passing on what she learned to everyone who would listen.

Because God had been transforming Heath’s heart over the years, and she had begun to love people more than books. The Enneagram helped, too, as she began to understand the hard battle every person, every Type, is fighting. It increased her compassion for herself and others.

She knew she had to combine her old love – writing – with her new love – the Enneagram. She started a blog, and then created a couple of audio programs, and then a book. She started to hold workshops in her house and host a monthly EnneaGroup. She became a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher.

Today, Heath writes and speaks about the Enneagram, often with respect to how personality influences our ability the fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. If you’re interested in having her speak, contact her at the email below. That would make her day, because that’s part of her purpose.

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