Find Your Unique Purpose In Life

Practical tools to help you live out your God-given destiny


your identity.

Learn who you are at the core of your being and weed out distractions – so you can become a fuller expression of who God made you to be.


your purpose.

Get the tools you need, including the Enneagram, to help define your purpose and set out on a path to live out that purpose every day.


the world.

Give God maximum glory with the life he’s given you as you transform your sphere of influence in the way you were uniquely created to.

I wanted to weep for all the years of not understanding who I am. It was a complete release to understand for the first time that nothing was wrong with me – and that there was a way out.”

-Lauren K.

Honestly, all that Heath taught was new and very valuable information. The most helpful part was believing and receiving that I am God’s beloved.”

-Andrea A.

Self-knowledge Transformation Plan


Learn About Yourself

Learn the difference between "personality" and "authentic self."


Do the Work

Keep a journal and do daily exercises that develop foundational habits.


See Change in Yourself

Set out on the path to self-knowledge and lasting transformation.

What’s this gonna cost me?

You were made on purpose and for purpose. Your time on Earth is limited and precious. What’s the cost of not being who you were created to be?

Don’t waste another day living a low-purpose life. Stop wondering and worrying. Get the insight and the tools you need to begin confidently moving into your specific destiny.

Purposeful Programs

Know Yourself to Know God


  • A 30-day course with 4 audio teachings (CD or MP3) and a Journey Journal (PDF) will help you discover your authentic self so that you can better know yourself and God – knowledge critical to fulfilling your destiny.

Identity & Destiny Boot Camp


  • Six hour-plus MP3 lessons and a 23-page workbook (PDF) helps you clarify your identity by showing you what’s going on in your head using Biblical principles and modern psychology. Reclaim your purpose and live it with joy!

Know Your Destiny Bundle


  • Get both programs and supercharge the path to your purpose!

Additional services:

One-on-one coaching, live and web-based group workshops, and weekend retreats are also available.

Thanks for your teaching on destiny. [Famous TV preacher] had sickened me on the concept until now!”

-Ralph W.

The biggest lesson…is learning to hear and experience God’s love in a way I never have before.”

-Cecilia L.

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