Enter to Win a 23andMe Ancestry Kit to Learn More About Your Identity

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“I…carry the spirit and blood of my father, mother and my ancestors. So I am really never alone. My identity is through that line.”  ~Ziggy Marley

Identity is a powerful thing. It gives us a sense of belonging and continuity: These are the people who came before me. This is what I’m made of. Here is where I belong.

I’ve written briefly before about how thrilled I was to receive my DNA ancestry test results. It was fascinating to look at the map of the various places where all my DNA had been gathered from, how it flowed together over centuries. I thought about the choices thousands of individuals made that led them to travel to a new country, marry a certain person and so on. All those choices led to me.

As the creator of the Identity and Destiny Bootcamp program, I am all about helping people discover the various aspects of themselves that lead to a whole, healed life of destiny.

So, I’m excited to offer you a fun opportunity to learn more about your heritage with this 23andMe ancestry kit giveaway!

Just head over to the link below to sign up:


You’ll be entered to win when you fill out the form, and if you so choose, you can earn many more chances to win by sharing the contest and following me on social media channels.

I particularly love it that the front of the 23andMe kit says, “Welcome to you.” While we who are doing spiritual formation work with the Enneagram understand that we are more than the sum of our genes, they certainly can play a big role in who we are and what we carry in our bloodline – the gifts, the cautionary tales, the likes and dislikes…I’m convinced I love rain because my genes are 86% Celtic!

Sign up for the contest now – I wish you good luck!






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