Enneagram Type Seven Careers

Enneagram Type Seven Careers

What career is best for Enneagram Type Sevens? The choices are as wide-ranging as Sevens themselves, but this type will not often be found counting beans or analyzing statistics. Sevens tend to seek variety and fascination, so they usually thrive in jobs that include these qualities. This could include anything from a travel writer to an actor to a food critic to an ER doctor who likes the challenge and excitement of what medical emergencies each new day will bring.

Sevens can also have an entrepreneurial streak, wanting to create something new and exert their independence. Some believe that Steve Jobs and Malcolm Forbes were Sevens. Type Seven celebrities include John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Robin Williams, Mozart, and Gone with the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara.

Note that some of these folks were politicians – hardly a profession that one would think of immediately as “fun,” which is an important quality for Sevens. But politics can certainly be fascinating to some people, and the field can bring a variety into one’s day and schedule. That’s why it’s helpful to see famous exemplars of the type; it shows that Sevens aren’t all going to parties every night or roaming the earth as travel photographers. All Sevens are individuals with individual likes, dislikes, and things that get them excited. So, it’s not about what that thing is; it’s about being involved in the exciting thing, whatever it may be.

Which Kind of Seven Are You?

It’s also helpful to remember that Sevens comes in three main flavors, according to which of the three main human instincts is dominant in their lives:

Social Sevens are not as materialistic as other Sevens and are more cause-focused. Beatrice Chestnut notes in The Complete Enneagram that this variation of Seven is a “countertype,” meaning that they sense the gluttony of this type and fight against it. They are liable to work for nonprofits, social causes, or in faith-based ministries. One Social Seven I know is a pastor. Another worked with refugees for years.

Sexual Sevens are attracted to the new and exciting. They can be more impulsive than other Sevens and have a rosy [read: unrealistic] view of life. These Sevens are overly enthusiastic and confuse their optimistic fantasy of the world with reality. They are more imaginers than doers, so they can come up with innovative ideas and let someone else execute the details. Startups and startup incubators are surely full of Sexual Sevens. They are also likely to be the globetrotting adventure-seekers and National Geographic wildlife photographers of the world.

Self-Preservation Sevens are more practical and pragmatic than the other types. Warm and friendly, they are often great networkers who make business connections easily. They are more focused on creating a more comfortable life than on exploring a foreign landscape. This makes them the most materialistic and business-oriented of all the Sevens. They are often entrepreneurs.

A World of Career Possibilities

So, as you can see, Sevens have different reasons for seeking the careers they take on. Some are looking for adventure and constant change, some are trying to help and make a difference, and some are safely getting business done to get their comfort and other needs met. This may seem like a too open-ended conclusion – and that’s good! Because it demonstrates that you can’t pigeon-hole someone just by their number.

For instance, I’m a Self-Preservation Seven, so I have zero interest in being a professional bull rider or underwater explorer. But I am interested in starting my own business and working from my comfortable home. This is why it’s important to understand not just your personality type but your dominant instinct as well.

So, there’s really no such thing as Enneagram Type Seven Careers, as it turns out. Yes, Sevens are less likely to do jobs with low human interaction and that involves number-crunching, but you still might find a Seven in those roles. And the higher a Seven goes in the Levels of Development, the more that Seven is able to operate from a place of Essence rather than personality. That means they will be able to find joy and excitement even in not-so-exciting things (like accounting or redundant office work), so they don’t require their job to prop up their personality’s patterns. That’s a different perspective than you’ll hear from most folks, but I hope it helps.



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