Which Enneagram type is most common

By hhavlick / July 2, 2020 /
which enneagram type is most common

Which Enneagram type is most common? While there’s no definitive answer, because not all humans know their type, the sampling thus far heavily suggests that Type Nine is the most common type. Nines sit at the top of the Enneagram…

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What Is My Enneagram Wing?

By hhavlick / June 27, 2020 /
What Is My Enneagram Wing?

After learning about your core personality type, your next questions is probably, “What Enneagram wing am I?” The wings exert more influence than you might imagine, and they can really help you understand why you do what you do. They…

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Which Enneagram Type is the rarest?

By hhavlick / June 20, 2020 /
Which Enneagram Type is the rarest

The Rarest Enneagram Type What is the rarest enneagram type? The Aesthete, the Romantic, the Artiste: these are some of the titles bestowed upon the Four, the rarest Enneagram type. Fours have a personality highly attuned to the beauty around…

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Hearing God

By hhavlick / November 10, 2017 /

Below is a guest post by blogger JimWolstenholm. You can check out his blog at http://jimthefollower.com/. His mission is to help people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant life and change their world. Hmm…sounds familiar! If we could…

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Getting closer – still under construction

By hhavlick / February 28, 2017 /

Well, things look a bit better, but there’s still a long way to go! Please bear with me as I figure out my new template and put everything where it’s supposed to be. The good news is that I got…

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Please excuse the mess!

By hhavlick / February 20, 2017 /

Sorry for the cut-off photo in the header and 5 1/2 months’ worth of missing posts. I went self-hosted, and all did not go according to plan! I’m working hard to get everything back to normal, but I’m not an…

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Why Nature is Healing

By hhavlick / February 10, 2017 /

These snippets from the Walt Whitman poem Song of the Open Road has been popularized by a recent car commercial: “Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before…

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“Be here now” – But What if Now Sucks?

By hhavlick / February 3, 2017 /

Be Here Now. The Power of Now. The Naked Now. These books capture current popular thought about the importance of being present to your own life. I am a huge proponent of this idea; I’ve written multiple posts about becoming…

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Top Five UNtrue “Inspirational” Quotes

By hhavlick / January 27, 2017 /

The more I learn and experience of the Enneagram of personality, the more I see the fallacy of many inspirational or motivational quotes. Like opinions, most of these quotes are not “one size fits all.” Instead, they tend to validate…

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Meditation is a PRACTICE

By hhavlick / January 20, 2017 /

My husband recently asked me to write something for him because, as he put it, “I’m not good at that.” The response that flew out of my mouth surprised me: “You don’t get better at it by not doing it!”…

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Quick Start Guide to Centering Prayer

This short guide gives you the essentials for learning to be still and quiet before God so you can hear his voice and feel his love in a deeper way.

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