The Enneagram’s Call to Civility

By hhavlick / December 19, 2019 /

Much of Twitter—at least, the trending hashtags—has become a dumpster fire, fed by the steady lighter fluid stream of people’s anger and frustration. The things people are willing to say to each other continue to stun me. Having studied the…

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Your Enneagram Type Constricts Your Ability to Love

By hhavlick / July 19, 2018 /

I had my first internet troll experience recently. It was bound to happen, but it still surprised me. The episode brought into stark relief just how much our personalities cost us. Here’s the backdrop. I’d posted a photo on Instagram…

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The Difficult Art of Self-Compassion

By hhavlick / September 23, 2016 /

In the wake of the human kudzu incident, I find myself experiencing a lot of anger. Not the kind about someone who wronged me 20 years ago but I haven’t forgiven, nor the kind that lingers from the standard non-perfect…

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Putting It All Together for Type Eight

By hhavlick / June 30, 2016 /

Well, I had thought I’d finished this series with the post on Type Seven, because the Enneagram is usually taught starting with the Gut Center and Type Eight. If you go around the symbol, Seven is last if Eight is…

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Putting it all Together for Type One

By hhavlick / June 8, 2015 /

Last week we looked at the Harmonic groups discovered by Riso & Hudson, one of the many ways to slice and dice the Enneagram Types. This is interesting and useful, but looking at the different triadic groups (Hornevian, Object Relation,…

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Enneagram Type Nine: Keeping the Peace – Sort Of

By hhavlick / October 6, 2014 /

Here we are, at the last stop on the Enneagram dial: Type Nine. Being last seems appropriate here, since when Nines are stuck in their personality, they think they’re no big deal and don’t really matter. But of course they…

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Quick Start Guide to Centering Prayer

This short guide gives you the essentials for learning to be still and quiet before God so you can hear his voice and feel his love in a deeper way.

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