Your Miraculous Catch of Destiny Fish

By hhavlick / May 16, 2018 / 0 Comments

In my last post, I wrote about the good struggles of a Daniel fast – good in terms of showing me how my dominant instinct (Self-Preservation) and Enneagram type (Seven) are challenged by lack of comfort and fear of deprivation.…

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Fasting: An Invitation to Discomfort

By hhavlick / May 3, 2018 / 0 Comments

  I’m early days into a three-week Daniel fast. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a fast that lets you eat (yay!) – but only fruits, veggies, grains and nuts. For a small percentage of health-conscious folks, this is…

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What Can Hinder Your Intimacy with God? Yep, Your Personality.

By hhavlick / April 19, 2018 / 0 Comments

I’m an intercessor. Always have been, even when I was a kid and hadn’t heard that word yet. It’s always seemed super-obvious that if you want to see a person helped or a situation changed, the thing to do is…

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The Battle of the Wills

By hhavlick / April 4, 2018 / 0 Comments

  People have been thinking about the will for a long time. Over the centuries, different philosophers and psychologists have come up with a wide variety of theories about what the will is and what drives this driving force. They…

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Book Review: The Art of Typing by Ginger Lapid-Bogda

By hhavlick / March 15, 2018 / 0 Comments

In 2016, Ginger Lapid-Bogda came out with The Enneagram Coloring Book [see my review here], putting a creative, accessible spin on this diamond-sharp model of human behavior. She’s done it again with The Art of Typing: Powerful Tools for Enneagram…

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Identity, Destiny and a Chance to Win My New Program

By hhavlick / March 1, 2018 / 0 Comments

“The most important of all functions…is to become who we are, the unique manifestation of the Word of God that the Spirit designed us to be.”   ~Fr. Thomas Keating, Intimacy with God Deep down, you know there’s more than the…

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What Does It Mean to Be Your Best Self?

By hhavlick / February 17, 2018 / 2 Comments

“I was not at my best in that moment.” “Bring your best self.” We have a notion that we have two selves: the one that we would like to be all the time and the one that we are most…

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What Does It Mean to Become Spiritually Mature?

By hhavlick / January 25, 2018 / 0 Comments

  I come from a long line of emotionally damaged people. I bet you do, too! My family weren’t sociopaths, but still, as a former pastor used to say, “Hurt people hurt people.” This damage limits the set of options…

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Let God Set Your Goals for the New Year

By hhavlick / January 5, 2018 / 0 Comments

“If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favorable to him.” –Seneca I’m not big into New Year’s Resolutions. Time is a human construct that is super-useful while we’re here on Earth, but…

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What is Free Will, and How Much Do You Have?

By hhavlick / December 15, 2017 / 0 Comments

Within Christianity, it’s typical to think of the soul as being comprised of the mind, will and emotions. I believe this concept was brought forth by Watchman Nee. (If you’ve never read The Spiritual Man, I recommend it; it will…

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Quick Start Guide to Centering Prayer

This short guide gives you the essentials for learning to be still and quiet before God so you can hear his voice and feel his love in a deeper way.

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